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"I wish you a pleasant stay, sir."

Translation:Je vous souhaite un agréable séjour, monsieur.

April 10, 2020


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What is wrong with "je te souhaite un agreable sejour, monsieur"?


You can't say "tu" and "Monsieur" to the same person. If you still use "Monsieur", you are not familiar with him and then you use "vous".


What if it's sarcastic, like how Obélix always called Astérix Mister Astérix whenever he got angry?

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Is "agreable" part of BAGS or is this some other rule?


No, "un agréable séjour" or "un séjour agréable" are both very common.


Im my experience they usually just say bon sejour monsieur


This module, at this level, seems to be unstable and to have a fault as it throws me out every time I get a third to a half of the way through it. I can see no obvious reason for this as it hasn't happened with any other module. Not sure how i report this.

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