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  5. "He has a dog and six cats."

"He has a dog and six cats."

Translation:Hij heeft een hond en zes katten.

July 18, 2014



Why must 'hij' be used and 'he' is incorrect?

[deactivated user]

    'Hij' is always 'hij'. There is no unstressed equivalent like there is with 'jij', 'zij' en 'wij' :)


    There is, but you wouldn't use it at the beginning of a sentence and you also don't use it in writing.

    "Does he have a dog?" could be translated/pronounced as "Heeft-ie een hond?".


    So you change the vowel but still use a long one? Compared to the other unstressed pronouns, this just doesn't sound lazy enough to me! ^^


    Well the extra laziness is that it get stuck onto the previous word. ..

    Waar issie
    Wat zegtie
    Wat doettie
    Daar gaatie

    (I guess because the conjugation of he with regular verbs always end in t and that works nice with the ie. It also works well with the s from unregular is )


    Here you have a very stressed dog


    ...couldn't I use the diminutive here? hondjes/katjes?


    Hmm as much as we love to stick diminutives on everything, here it doesnt work. Well it does, but then you are literally calling them small. (Not just cute)

    I guess you could when you were talking about your own animals. .. interesting!

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