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"The bear had decided to drink the beer."

Translation:De beer had besloten het bier op te drinken.

July 19, 2014



"De beer had besloten om het bier te drinken?" Does that work as well?

[deactivated user]

    Yes, it works :) There is a little nuance however:

    • 'De beer had besloten het bier op te drinken' suggests the bear decided to drink all the beer

    • 'De beer had besloten om het bier te drinken' only suggests that the bear decided to drink the beer, though it doesn't state whether or not he wanted to drink all of it


    Is "op drinken" the equivalent of "to drink up" in English then?


    It is. To drink something until it's gone. See also opeten and opgebruiken.


    I found this: http://context.reverso.net/translation/dutch-english/op+drinken. There seem to be many ways to translate, such as "...drink to that", so your guess appears to be valid.


    That's what I thought. Bedankt!


    Yes, that works too!


    What about "De beer had besloten om het bier te drinken"?


    I selected the words to make the above sentence and it said I had a typo - it should have been om instead of op, even though om wasn't an available word. And then I find out I was right anyway!


    The word bubble gave "op" instead of the correct"om". Dangerous for us who are just learning the propositions....or is it as I now see a separable verb "opdrinken"?? In which case why not both "om" and "op"?


    I was told there was a typo with op should have been om but there was no om tile to select from the word tiles provided.


    Why is "besloten" comes before "het bier"? Shouldn't it be at the end (or before a preposition - in this case "op")?

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