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"Nous avons pensé à toi hier pendant le concert."

Translation:We thought about you yesterday during the concert.

April 10, 2020



"During the concert" refers to an ongoing period of time. In English, "We were thinking about you" would be very appropriate. "Nous pensions" should be accepted.


Both are possible, but the imperfect sounds odd in french. That's not what I would say.


@Jojo53168 Why does imparfait sound weird? Is it because we're talking about a mental activity or stare?

Or is it because penser à is always a quick one-time occurrence? It takes only a second to "think of somebody", and passé composé would be the best translation. But to "think about somebody" could take much longer, and require the imparfait. Like maybe nous réflichissions?


How can "Nous pensions" be accepted when we're translating into English?

Surely this is not ever presented as a double word fill the gap exercise?


Of you and about you are not the same?


Nous avons pensé à toi pendant le concert is rejected, why


Because you failed to notice one of the words in the sentence.

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