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  5. "Where are you, Beth?"

"Where are you, Beth?"

Translation:Càite a bheil thu, a Bheathag?

April 10, 2020



Càite a bheil sibh, a Bheathag? Offered as an option, but marked wrong (it's not). Answer above is càite but actual offered alternative answer: Càit a bheil thu, a Beathag?

A valid alternate to càite, but please be consistent, and also fix the rejection of the completely correct answer.


Did you report it (the polite answer with sibh not accepted)? Contributors might miss the discussion comments.

As for càite a bheil vs càit a bheil – the course did consistently use the former, but the new version is supposed to use the latter and I think it leaks into some sentences currently. Both are accepted and it is explained in the tips and notes that both are just spelling variants of the same words.


'Sibh' is in the accepted translations, so I'm not sure why you were marked wrong.

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