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when is the building not un bâtiment?

Duo constantly seems to tell me that buildings can only be immeubles, it insists that the answer 'un bâtiment' is not correct for the translation of 'the building' even though I am sure that I have seen in one of it's tips the description 'un bâtiment important' as an important building.

The Cambridge online dictionary tells me that bâtiment is a masculine noun meaning - grande construction which is translated as - building. it gives and example usage of - le bâtiment principal d’une école meaning the main building of a school

Is there something i am missing about the difference between immeuble and bâtiment?

April 10, 2020



Je pense qu'un immeuble est un bâtiment, mais un bâtiment n'est pas forcément un immeuble.

Le mot immeuble est, plus ou moins, un générique qui désigne tout bâtiment urbain divisé en appartements ou aménagé en bureaux.


« Un bâtiment »  refers to any construction or building. « Un immeuble » refers to a specific type of building like an appartement or library. I think you can also say that « un immeuble » is a hyponym of « un bâtiment ».


Yes, un immeuble is a residential building.


Is there something I am missing?

Since you asked, Yes, well over a hundred previous discussions of this in the Duo forums.

Learn to cope: Every time your reply is not accepted, click on the little link and suggest that bâtiment should be accepted as a valid translation.

Duo is a free (for you) website/app. You get what you pay for. This has been discussed plenty, already, so search the English for French speakers forum for bâtiment and read the prev. discussions. Or look elsewhere in a French thesaurus or list of synonymes, for instance. Or here's a page (lexilogos) w/ loads of resources for French vocabulary. Buy yourself a good dictionary and read it. Depend on the definition you have already found. Something, other than posting about a topic that has already been discussed to death.


What a grouch!


I'm tired of reading posts about this. Why beat a dead horse, when it's already been bashed a zillion times already? OP should, to paraphrase the old adage, RFM, RFF.

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