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  5. "Jij eet ontbijt."

"Jij eet ontbijt."

Translation:You eat breakfast.

July 19, 2014



i find it hard to tell the difference between "jij" and "je". do you have any tips?


It sounds different. Jij sounds English "yay" while je sounds like "ya" , as in "Nice to see ya!"


I know but it doesn't in this machine at least I can't guess the difference.


I think "You have breakfast" is the most common way to say in English "you eat breakfast". Isn't that so? If it is, it should be accepted as a translation of "jij eet ontbijt". Any comments? Bedankt!


I think that may cause confusion as in Dutch "Ik heb ontbijt" DOESN'T mean 'I eat breakfast', only that you physically got the breakfast (in your bag for example). So, your answer is correct when translating 'I eat breakfast' from Dutch to English, but not the other way around.


Verb forms of "to have" are accepted in the German and French courses as translations of "essen" and "manger". Report it. It may just be an oversight.


I thought this also, would be nice to get some confirmation on that. :)


You can sit down and have breakfast, you may of had breakfast, but during the meal, you are eating the breakfast, though you may be having it at that moment. Try to comprehend that.

Having is switchable, but that is a slang form, and to eat breakfast is something that is proper, though have is used as a common replacement. Though, one should recognize the verbs aren't the same, and you should try to cut down on slang when learning a language properly.


Als Nederlandse vindt ik dit een vreemd taalgebruik. Liever hoor ik jij ontbijt


So "ontbijten" is the corresponding verb that means "to eat breakfast"? By the way, what does "ontbijt" literally mean? "Bijt" reminds me of German "ein Bissen" (a mouthful of food).


bijten means biting, ont means un, idk, you should look up the etymology for onbijt

ontbijten does mean to eat breakfast like you thought :)


My brain wants to translate it as 'You eat in bed"


Could "you breakfast" be accepted too?


No, as to breakfast isn't English ;)


how to say ontbijt?


I was wondering if this sentence was a command would the verb change?

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