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"À mon avis, il faut vite faire quelque chose."

Translation:In my opinion, we must quickly do something.

April 10, 2020



In English, "quickly" would be better at the end of the sentence.


"Quickly" at the end of the sentence is accepted in translation.


What other language would you be using "quickly" in?


What are you trying to say exactly?


In my opinion, it is important that we see that "quickly" modifies "doing", and as such, should follow it, not precede it. In French, it seems the "vite" must follow "falloir", but in English, "we must quickly do something" is unnatural and awkward. It is an imperative phrase: "We must do something! (and) Quickly!" and "Quickly! We must do something". However, making this subservient to "In my opinion", deflates the imperative nature. Nevertheless, in my opinion of an "old" native western american speaker, "We must do something quickly" is the most normal, natural phrasing. IMHO. KenAndresen was much more succinct, d'habitude.


In my opinion, we must do something quick. You reject this. Don't do it in the future! Do something quick is acceptable.


It's colloquial and "now usually avoided in educated speech and writing" (according to OED) to say "quick" instead of "quickly".


In my view, not accepted

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