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"Tu crois que le concert de ce soir va lui plaire ?"

Translation:Do you think he is going to like tonight's concert?

April 10, 2020



I wonder why Duolingo creates confusion by turning things inside out and backwards and even dumbs things down? Why not use a more direct translation? We need to learn and become familiar with the English wording and vocabulary that more directly mentally connects the translation into French. The English that is more related in translation tends to be more formal sounding, and that's great. While learning French, it appears that improving our English is necessary. We need to be able to take an informal statement, mentally recompose it to a more formal wording, and then we have a more direct path to translation.

For this particular exercise, following translation makes more sense to me:

"Do you think tonight's concert will please him?"

Perhaps the dumbed down informal sounding translation can be included as a second option? (An aside: Notice that I used the word "perhaps", rather than "maybe"...)


Mine was accepted: Do You think tonight's concert will please her?

But I get what you're saying


so much whining on these forum pages. "why is duo so literal?" then when it is not. "why isn't duo more literal?"

the more 'literal' english translation; is that what you will be thinking when you want to say something similar to this. or are you going to be thinking "is he going to like this?" and then struggle to remember "...ça va lui plaire." je pense que le dernier.


Yes, I look at the French phrase and see "do you think he going to be pleased with tonight's concert".


it is an unnatural translation Why can't you use normal English???


"Normal" English would make the task of translating to French extremely difficult until you have reached an advanced level in French.

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