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"Jij bent zacht, net zoals een beer."

Translation:You are soft, just like a bear.

July 19, 2014



Is this a Dutch chat-up line?


Well I imagine bears are quite soft, but I'm not prepared to find out


I just wanted to say that these types of sentences are really good at reinforcing knowledge of adjectives!


What literally means the word 'Net' and the word 'Zoals'? thanks in advance. brazilian speaking!


In this example net translates to just and zoals translates to like.


Thanks friend, I trying here to translate dutch to my language the most similar possible.


Zoals is really logical when you think about it. It's just "zo als", which I think means so as, or like.

I think. I can see the two words are combined, but I'm not entirely certain of the direct translations.


So 'just like' will be a better translation for "Net zoals" then simply 'like'?


Yep, "net zoals" would translate to "just like." If you were to just say "like," there are a few ways you can go about it. I generally say "als," but sometimes I'll say "zoals." I typed "Het is net een beer," and it said "It's like a bear," so I think you can technically use "als," "zoals," and "net."


Should 'Je bent zacht' also work?


Yes! Jij and je mean the same thing; the difference is that je indicates that the word is not stressed. https://www.duolingo.com/comment/3734337


I don't understand when to use 'als' ,'zoals' & 'net zoals' in Dutch. Is 'net zoals' the emphasised version of 'zoals' or is it used in specific context? Is 'als' the shortened version of 'zoals' as well as used as the English equivelant 'as' or something else? Also, do you always have to add a comma after 'net zoals' or is this just the oxford comma?


net zoals translates to just like, whereas als and zoals translate to like.

The comma is not necessary, though it does tie into the difference between als and zoals. I personally did not know the difference between the two, so I looked it up on the Internet and found an article on Taalunieversum.

It essentially says that if there is no comma leading into unnecessary, extra information before the word, you can use either. However, if there is a comma before it leading into information that can be omitted, only zoals can be used. It also says that als and zoals when there is no comma mean something like comparable with or belonging to the same category or type. However, zoals with the comma is more like for example. The sort of pause that's created by the comma hints at the information being an expansion on what was already said.

Thus, there is a slight difference between the two, and at times they convey slightly different meanings. The difference between net zoals/als and zoals/als is simply there is no just before like.


I would argue that it should also be ok to write 'Je bent zacht..' since 'je' and 'jij' means exactly the same.


Je bent sterkt, net zoals een bier


I said "not unlike" instead of "just like" not sure if im wrong though. Can someone confirm?

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