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  5. "Zij eten grote appels."

"Zij eten grote appels."

Translation:They eat big apples.

July 19, 2014



how do you use groot and grote differently and does the ending only get added with the "e" only with plural words?


I think "groot" is used when it is not used to modify a noun, for example "De kat is groot". But if it was modifying, it would be changed to "grote", if I'm correct.


Almost correct. Groot is known as the undeclined form of the adjective, grote as the declined form. The undeclined form always applies when you use the adjective predicatively (typically with the verb be): ... is groot. The declined form is used when the adjective is used predicatively (in front of a noun to describe it):

de grote man, de grote vrouw, het grote huis, de grote mannen, de grote vrouwen, de grote huizen.

But there is an exception. If the noun is neuter singular and there is no definite article, then the adective remains undeclined:

een grote man, een grote vrouw, een groot huis, grote mannen, grote vrouwen, grote huizen.


how come you can't use 'she' instead of 'they'?


Eten is the verb form for plurals. She is singular.


right right thank you!!

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