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When is duolingo going to have Chinese or Japanese?

May 4, 2013



We have plans to make it possible for community members to add languages. Something we'll talk more about in the near future :)


This seems to imply that, rather than being developed and maintained internally, Chinese will be left as a crowdsourcing exercise. This saddens me, as the eventual inclusion of Chinese was the main thing keeping me interested in this site. I hope I'm wrong about this.


This so much! As long it also allows conlangs, I wanna learn me some Waterbien!


That will be great! I want to be a interpreter and I will love to help (ones I pulish my english haha)

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Unless there's been a change in plans they haven't told us about, they've been working on Chinese since last year but it keeps getting delayed, and they're working on some way for users to add their own language courses.


Presently, I'm also learning Japanese, so having it as a language would be really helpful! And I'd love to have Mandarin here, too! :)


I want to know that too!!! I love both languages! :)

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    They said they are going to add them in few months (source: reddit). It's hard(er) to add these kind of languages, because they are a bit different (writing system). Duolingo team have to decide if the translating (lessons) will be from romaji or from kana (hiragana katakana) or even kanji?


    I think the reddit information is a bit old. Japanese is currently not in the works and adding another language might not be their main focus: http://duolingo.com/#/comment/370086

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      You're right. I read about it 6 months ago or even more. Thanks for link.

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