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"De jongen ziet onder jouw rok."

Translation:The boy sees under your skirt.

July 19, 2014



Thanks for the warning!


Could "ziet" also mean "looks"?


No, "looks" is "kijkt". In this sentence that would be more logical though.


I agree the English translation is pretty confusing. Assuming we're not looking for a vague sentence to begin with, and take this for what it's worth but we'd sooner hear any of the following: "The boy CAN see under your skirt", "The boy sees UP your skirt", "The boy sees YOUR KNEES under your skirt", "The boy sees (some thing or object) under your skirt". Now don't go thinking I'm perverted in any way :)


...I said to the Scotsman.


Wow, thanks for some adult content in the lesson :D

https://www.duolingo.com/profile/Yvonne Enter

This is a strange sentence. To be able to SEE something under her skirt the boy will first has to LOOK under her skirt.


But what if there is some sort of reflective surface on the ground? Then the boy might inadvertently "see" under the skirt while having his head in a normal position.


Or rather, maybe the boy "can" or "is able to" see under the skirt.


It's that bloody sexist owl, not the boys. Someone thinks they're a wit.

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