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Continuous Practice?

I'd like to see some sort of continuous practice mode that ends only when you decide to end it. In this mode you wouldn't have hearts, but the questions you receive will still be based on your past performance (i.e. Shows more of what you are weak in and less in what you are strong in). Perhaps we could even have a check list where we can customize the content we want. Like if I want to practice content from the lessons Animals, Food, and Adjectives I would choose all those and start the practice.

May 4, 2013



Brilliant Idea, I'd love to see this implemented.. Especially on the ipod as needing to go back and hit the practice button every time is a waste of time if you do this 20 or 30 times a day.. :)


Another good thing to add would be a review at the end of the session. So, it shows you what you missed and why, words strengthened (at least some of them, like they do now when you finish a lesson), skill points earned, and possibly, number and/or percent correct/incorrect. What do you think of this idea?


I like this idea as well, maybe also have an option to practice your weaker words/points listed in the review?


I believe that the practice mode that is currently in use targets your weak words.


ah great, I didn't know, thanks :)


I like this!


I like this idea as well. I dislike manually clicking the the retry button after completing a practice round.


duolingo is great


Hi everyone - I made this script to do exactly that - you can find it on the wiki page of user scripts, or here:


It was a quick job, but pull requests on github are welcome, or send me a message.


I want this also. I like the simplicity of not having to decide which portion you're going to work on next. I'd like to not have to deal with the tree at all and only decide on when I want to start and stop with intermittent feedback and stats to demonstrate progress. I'd also like more specific achievements instead of arbitrary ones like coins and crowns and whatever. I'd prefer to be told my level of mastery for vocab categories ("you've mastered 22 prepositions!") or verb conjugation. These could be options as well--things to choose to strive for--but my personal preference would be to allow the algorithm to decide what is most useful to practice at any given time.


I think it's a good idea


I think that these forced breaks are not without a reason.


I would enjoy this too -- or at least have it broken down into longer increments, like a 10 minute practice round.


Yes they should do different lengths of rounds like 10 min 20 min 30 min and unlimited


that would be great! But this would be in addition to the current practice mode, no?


I think it would be like a third option in addition to what they have now. That would give three options: regular practice (or just practice), continuous practice, and timed practice.


io have mixed feelings. The mode where if you get it wrong 4 times you die is to make sure that you aree learning the langeudge proficently, i you were to do the way that you sugest then you don't lears as well as you would with the program now. But it might just be me...


No because you wouldn't get any points for wrong answers, and the types of words and questions you get wrong would show up more often because they would be considered your weaker areas.


I thought you were asking for timed practice an unlimited amount of questions, that's what I'd prefer provided that between hitting "Check" and "Continue" the timer paused so that you could take a short break. I like the idea of constant questions with no pressure to get them right though and I'd like it if in this form of practice if you get an answer wrong that same question and similar questions came up later during the continuous session.


You'd have immediate feedback on wrong answers, and it could adapt to focus on those situations in which you are weak.


I for once totally agree!


Oh, i thought just a continuous string of random questions. That Clears it up. i agree now.


nice idea, i like it


Great idea. I've only been at this for a few weeks and I can see the benefits that I would gain from that feature.


I agree, this should be an easy addition. Some users who want to brush back up to gold would definitely benefit from this.


Instead of creating a new thread, I would like to show my support for this idea. I liked it 8 months ago and I'd still like it now, please.


I still like this idea.


Please add this!


it seems that practice is gone from the iOS app :( it was the single feature I was using daily


Guess they could've done something about this idea after 7 years or is it that hard to have categorized practices? I'm totally fed-up with both the easy usual 'practice' and the frustrating and time-consuming practice of each lesson -where you'd have to guess which lesson has the grammar/vocab you want a drill for.


I agree. It´s very annoying having to keep clicking Continue. Should just move on automatically if you enter the right answer.

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