150 Days

So tomorrow- April 11, 2020- I'm going to have a 150 day streak. I know, everybody with their 2,000+ day streaks are shaking their heads at me and remembering when their streak was small. But this is my longest streak since my 56 day streak last year... which is almost three times smaller.

I'm learning French from English. I started about 3 years ago and, at the start, used Duolingo every few days to a week. Then 2 years later, I picked up the pace and got to 56. When I lost my streak I gave up on Duolingo for about a year. But this November, I decided I was going to learn French! I began using Duolingo again and haven't stopped since.

I love that this is something consistent in my life. Whatever happens in the world, whatever happens in my personal life- even if everybody's quarantined while a worldwide pandemic spreads- I have Duo every day to help me learn French and correct my diacritical marks.

It gets harder every day, but I'm not going to give up. Learning another language has been my dream for a while, but I haven't completed it yet. I think I'll do it, though... even if it's hard.

This is a pretty long post so I'm going to wrap it up here by saying if anyone- and by anyone I mean any Duolingo user: fluent in one language, fluent in eight languages, 3500 day streak or 1 day streak- has any tips for me on how to keep building my streak and/or my knowledge of the French language, that would be greatly appreciated.


April 10, 2020


Katherine, keep up your good work.

You can feel proud of what you have accomplished !

Hello Katharine, I think you must have a busy life outside of Duolingo, because I see you have a lot of young people in the photo who love you and must take up a lot of your time and concerns!

So, I am really glad that you have been fortunate enough to develop a daily routine with Duolingo to study French, not even for the French, but for the importance of remembering to take some time for yourself in the middle of everything else you have to do each day.

If you would like more information directly from the people who have tried other resources, you can do a search in Duolingo for "French resources", and it will give you their personal opinions on what they recommend.

Congratulations on maintaining your streak nearly three times longer than ever, and I hope you will have many more happy days in a row here at Duolingo!Duo18 I sent over 3 lingots for each special person in the photo!

Hi, congratulations! Consistency is the key when it comes to learning something (yeah i know i only have a one day streak but heyyy that's my new "quarantine" goal to be consistent here :D)

You can be proud of you, French is a really difficult language to learn and i bet a lot of people gave up on learning it pretty quickly.

If you want to be fluent - and that works for every language - start watching shows, movies in french, with the french subtitles. And whenever you're discovering new words, write them down and try to learn them.

Also, I'm a french native speaker so if you (or someone else here ;) ) have some questions or just want to talk with me in french to practice it, i'll be happy to help! (:

What I'd suggest doing is finding a really good tv show in French (or whatever other language) its good practice with more uncommon words, and will generally help with comprehension. It's pretty useful. (Im fluent, but I still am always trying to improve.)


You can try to say something in French or just a piece of your message? That will be the best way to improve your skill.

By the way, congratulation.

I am french and I know my language is hard to learn. If you have any questions, ask me or anybody else who speaks french, it can always help Good Luck!

Thank you to everyone who commented on this post with helpful tips or encouragement, especially Jimmy54103, 2learningspanish, Littledream, Thempoe, and Bunnyribbit. I really appreciate it =D. I was wondering if there were any native French speakers here that could give me some pronunciation tips? I'm having trouble, especially with the vowels.

I found a speaking partner on a different language website and we meet weekly on Facetime for 1 hour. We read children's books to each other (I read in French and he reads in English) and help each other with pronunciation. I tried this with French natives in France but the 6 hour time difference was a problem. So I found a guy in Quebec, who was on the same time zone as me, and it worked out better. By the way, Felicitations on your streak! You are achieving your goal of becoming fluent in French!

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