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Work not showing up

I assigned 6 assignments to one of my classes. This one student only has 1 marked as completed. The other show not started. I clicked on his activity log and it shows that he has started and completed most of them. Why is there a discrepancy? How do I fix this? Thanks!

April 10, 2020



There is a bit of a lag at the moment. Give it a day and then re-post here if it is not working.


I have the same issue. I see the student completed the category in the progress check, but the assignment is not showing Completed in green


I have just heard that one of the trees may be updating and this could be the issue. What language(s) do you teach, MyrnaGonzales and ShayJacobs1? I will report this as a bug for you.


Reported! Hang tight.

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