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"These planes are going to the United States."

Translation:Ces avions vont aux États-Unis.

April 10, 2020



Why are the united states but in french without article les


"Les" is in the drop-down hints. Until I saw it there, I was not going to use it. This is doubly annoying, because I rarely use the hints at all, now that my "feel" for the language is building up.


Why not Ces vols vont aux États-Unis?

What is the difference between vols and avions?


Ces avions These planes
Ces vols These flights


Ces avions parteront au les etats unis. Marked wrong. I suppose the difference is that the planes mentioned in the sentence given us are in the air and not on the ground.


To leave for + precise destination = Partir pour + precise destination.

Ces avions partent pour les États-Unis.

Yet, this sentence has "are going to" = Ces avions vont aux États-Unis, where "aux" is the contraction of "à+les".

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