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  5. "Are you weak or strong?"

"Are you weak or strong?"

Translation:Ben je zwak of sterk?

July 19, 2014



Why is it not bent?


When the "you" pronoun comes after a verb, that verb loses its "t". Scroll down to 6.: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/3733010.


Awesome. Thanks for the link!


I answered "Jij bent zwak of sterk?" and it was marked wrong. Do you have to change the word order for a question or is it optional?


Because of inversion, word order always changes for questions. See heading 6 in the link :)



I've got a question about the "e" you're supposed to add or not for predicate adjectives:

Another sentence for this lesson is: "Are they good or bad newspapers?" <-> "Zijn het goede of slechte kranten?"

Why in this sentence do you add a "e" in "goed-E-" and "slecht-E-"? And in the case of: "Are you weak or strong?" <-> "Ben je zwak of sterk?"

Why are there's no "e" after "zwak" and "sterk", even though it's very similar to the first sentence?


Don't add 'e' for predicate adjectives, (i.e. they follow a verb such as 'is' or 'are' and are NOT BEFORE their noun.) So if the plural noun 'kranten' is there after the adjective, you add the 'e'.

In the case of "Ben je zwak of sterk?" the adjectives come AFTER the verb, and NOT before their noun (or pronoun 'je' in this case), so they ARE predicate adjectives.


Why "Ben JIJ" is not accepted here?


How to say it for the plural? "Zijn jullie zwak of sterkt"?


oh, so 'zijn' for are is only with plural, that's why 'Ben' for are here

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