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"Je vais prendre le menu du jour, et toi ?"

Translation:I'm going to have the fixed price menu of the day, and you?

April 11, 2020



What does this mean? I've never heard of a "fixed price menu of the day"?


It’s a set menu, usually 3 courses, rather than choosing individual items from the full menu. I’d call it the menu of the day. as that’s what we call it in Britain. I would never include the ‘fixed price’ bit.


Agree! either menu of the day or fixed price menu are frequently used but not merged together


Jessica_M_L: Many restaurants in Paris serve a "plat du jour" for lunch (fixed menu with a fixed price). It's much cheaper than ordering individual dishes.


Wouldn't it be enough to choose "fixed price menu" OR "menu of the day"? It feels a bit redundant.


"The menu" in French is not «le menu » but «la carte » hence the expression "eating à la carte" which means constructing your own meal from the options available on "la carte" and usually paying extra for the privilege. «Le menu » is a fixed price choice with limited options - many restaurants will have 2 or 3 menus at varying prices, the higher the price the greater the choices.

It is many years since I last saw a «menu du jour » - most restaurants keep the same «menu » options according to season but offer a «plat du jour »which changes daily according to availability.


Duo, why does the English translation has to be so complicated? Even in New York, when we tell the server, "the dish / plate / menu of the day," he/she will understand completely. :)


The way they put it makes "le menu du jour" sound like something edible...So is she/he ordering a set meal or asking for a menu to read? There could be a menu for fixed-priced set meals and one for individual dishes, and it's possible for one to ask for a menu, right? But with "et toi" at the end, it's more likely she's giving her order...This sentence is so confusing.


Is there anything wrong with "I will take the set menu, and you?" Seems fine to me but wasn't accepted.

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