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Can I say 'Ah oui' to say 'really'?

Would this make sense, some one says 'je n'ai pas aimé ce film' and I reply 'ah oui'. Can this be used to say 'really'? .Thanks

April 11, 2020



Hello, I think it would make sense, I tend to say it when talking to other French speakers.

Source: I am a native speaker.


When repyling to a negative sentence, I'd probably say Ah non ?
If you need an expression that always works, try Ah bon ?


It depends upon context.

«Ah oui » suggests you agree with the opinion. If you find the opinion surprising then «vraiment ? » with a rising intonation would be a better response. If you disagree with the opinion then «mais non » would suit.


My French SIL always used to say “ Ah bon”


When the sentence is negative, you say "Ah non ?" and when it's positive "Ah oui"

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