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"There is a new minister and he is pleasant."

Translation:Tha ministear ùr ann agus tha e laghach.

April 11, 2020



I originally typed "ministear" in the full sentence, then I hovered to see if I had spelled everything correctly. The hover drop-down for "ministear" showed "tha minstear ùr ann"........ie, no "i". It was then highlighted that I have a typo......."Tha ministear ùr ann agus tha e laghach."..........which is exactly what I had typed the first time, before I checked my spelling. Which is the correct spelling then? I have reported error.


Ah, that was a typo! The correct spelling is ministear. Sorry :(


Given the amount of words that needed to be entered for this course and the huge effort and time all of you are putting into answering our questions, not to mention the course itself, which has been welcomed by so many, I don't think anyone is going to hold it against you. It can happen, it'll surely get fixed asap. :)

Càisg shona!


Thanks Joanne. I'm sure everyone learning this course wants it to be as perfect as possible and we're only too willing to help point out if there are any discrepancies we find. I appreciate all the hard work you guys do.
Looking forward to stage 2! :)


'ministear' is correct for minister.. 'minstear' is missing an 'i'.

Good to know you've reported it, so I won't bother doing the same.


I typed it exactly how it corrected me, accents and all and I still got it wrong?

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