I lost my streak when I shouldn't have. I completed the lesson before midnight, but it still got taken away. So was my wager. Which time zone is this program using? You can't expect me to always get this done if I have to use someone else's time zone. This was on windows 8 on Firefox..

July 19, 2014


yeah, i'd like to talk with a mod about this. i made "Italian- directions 1" yesterday around 6:00 pm EST, and my 155 day streak was complete but now today i log in (19/Jul/2014) and then i lost my streak and i had to re-do "directions 1" i'm not gonna lie, i'm really upset about it :/


I am a forum mod, but what you need for this stuff is a staff member who can see the technical aspects of what is happening on your account. Mods do not have the tools to see these things, nor to restore streaks. I suggest using the white Support tab on the left. Let them know what happened and include what operating system and browser you are using to earn your points yesterday. (For example, I am using Windows 7/Firefox.) If you were using a phone app, let them know which platform you were on.)

EDIT: If you have recently added the Dutch course and your support tab is missing, change your interface to a different course and refresh the page. This should restore the tab. Otherwise you can send an email to (The Dutch course is working to fix the Support tab glitch.)

I should have had 43 days.

Hi Altair0315,

I think the time zone Duolingo uses for your streak is the time zone you set up your account in. Were you in a different time zone when you were using Duolingo?

That is correct. It should use the time zone you were in when you originally set up your account. Also, you must make sure that you are connected with the internet so the points can get through, and also you must complete your lesson before midnight for those points to register.

Here is more info about Streaks and Streak Freezes

Also, could you please edit your post and let us know what operating and system you were using when this happened?


I did finish before midnight.

No. It was the same time zone the whole time.

Oh. Maybe it was a bug or glitch? Maybe you finished the lesson just as midnight came? (Sorry, I'm no computer expert)

If you lost your streak, it can't come back, for sure. Sorry about the streak, but you have to earn it all over again. My apologies. :(

Under certain circumstances, staff will restore someone's streak. But, in the meantime though, you'll need to keep your new streak going. :)

The same thing happened to me on a recent trip, within a single timezone (CEST).

Strangely my timezone seems to have shifted 6 hours East, because the cut-off is now 19:00 CEST. I think that would be midnight in Burma or something, but I've never been there. I'm certain that I opened my CET, and am using it in CET, but occasionally in UK time or various North-American time zones.

The same thing happened to me last week. I had a 132 day streak and I went to practice around 6 pm, same time zone and location I've practiced in since starting Duolingo, but it was reset to zero and I was notified that I lost my wager. I usually practice on my Macbook Pro laptop (OS X) and occasionally on the Android app on my phone...funny thing is the day after this happened I received a notification on my phone to continue my 133 day streak. I took a screenshot but it has since reset to zero as well. I kept going anyway (although very frustrated that this happened) only to have it happen again today....back to zero for the second time! I also think it has to do with time zones, but I checked my profile and it has no location set anymore. I emailed support last week and once again today, but have yet to receive any reply.

Hi CindyaMaria, are you meeting the goal you set for your Coach each day? You'll need to do that in order to maintain your streak. If you are and haven't missed a single day, it's good that you sent in a support request. If you haven't already, attach the screen shot you took by going in to your support ticket and hitting "reply". That will attach the screen shot to your existing support ticket. :)

Yes! And thank you very much. I attached the screenshot to my support message.

No prob and good luck! Remember to keep going everyday or when they get your ticket they won't be able to help you. And it could be a good while before staff gets back to you, as there is a very tiny staff and there are something like 50 million users. Keep the real goal ahead of you, and don't give up on your language studies!

I will be patient. Thanks for the encouragement :)

Hello! My fiance and I went to California (which is 3 hours behind us) and we lost our streaks at 9PM. Could something be done to restore our streaks or are we out of luck? Thanks!

Streaks are set to the time zone in which you originally created your account. From there, that time zone is locked in. The coach feature includes a clock set to your streak's time zone to help you keep track. So, if you haven't already activated the Coach, you should. I also recommend getting a Streak Freeze for times when unexpected things come up. Here are 30 lingots so each of you can get one. Equip it right away. It does not work retroactively, but if you have it equipped and something comes up in the future, it will activate itself. :)

The way I solved this problem was to do a lesson after midnight on the night before.

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