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Interactive story games in French?

Hi! I found myself unexpectedly with some free time lately, idk if anyone else is in my situation.... Nah but for real. I thought it would be a good idea to play a video game in french to practice while I aquire vocabulary and comprehension of french.

Can anyone please recommend some "choose your own adventure" kind of game that happens to be available in french? I really like Life Is Strange for example but it doesn't have french audio available.

Thanks in advance!

April 11, 2020



This one is my absolute favorite: https://www.lumni.fr/jeu/les-grandes-grandes-vacances It's about these little kids working against the Germans during French occupation.

Here's some more educational games for kids on Lumni: https://www.lumni.fr/tous-les-jeux They are educational based but some are adventure games such as one playing as le Petit Prince, exploring, being a sort of police, cracking hieroglyphs, sifting through data, https://www.lumni.fr/jeu/les-chemins-de-l-ecole is described as an adventure game exploring school throughout the world, etc...


Thank you very much! I'll definitely check those out :)


It's not a interactive game, but I started playing The Last Of Us in French. It has audio and subtitles available in French


Ahhh too bad I don't own a PlayStation :( Thanks anyways!


A plague tale? :D


I'll check it out, looks really interesting! Merci :)


Well, I haven't tried any of the sites mentioned, but if nothing else this article will give something to read in French on the subject. Bonne chance !


Je suis allé dans la section ....story....pour voir ce que c'était.....lorsque je reviens je n'ai plus mon arbre d'anglais et incapable de le récupérer. Quelqu'un est-il capable de m'aider.....merci


J'ai trouvé comment faire.....merci.


If you have a console,i think that you can change the language and the game language will also change.


I actually play on my laptop but thanks anyways!


merci...j'ai trouvé la solution.

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