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Movies/tv shows and songs?

does anyone know any good French movie, tv shows or songs? I really want to get better.

April 11, 2020



Good French movies : Intouchables, Les misérables, La môme are recent movies, and then you have classic movies as "Fantomas" , "La grande vadrouille", "Les demoiselle de rochefort"... Good TV Shows : Le bureau des légendes, Un village Français, Plan Coeur, Dix pour cent, La bazar de la Charité are recent Tv shows, and for classic you can watch "Les Gendarmes de Saint Tropez" ; Comedian in one man show : Jamel debbouze, Le Marrakech du rire, Fary, Ibanoff, Ines reg Good artist in music : Rap : Nekfeu, heuss l'enfoiré, gradur, Ninho, Jul Pop : Angèle, Christine and the Queen Classic : Patrick Bruel, Jean-Jacques Goldman, Céline dion (québec), Edith Piaf, Goerges Brassens, Claude François

Voilà! I hope you'll enjoy discovering some of these examples! (Made by a French person) !


Jul et heuss l'enfoiré xD il y a aussi Orelsan


Oui haha j'ai mis les artistes les plus écoutés du moment en tout cas dans mon entourage ;) Mais j'aime bien Orelsan aussi


thank you for the list haha ill check them out!

  • Hélène Ségara :p


Miraculous Ladybug is always a go to for French learners.


ahh ok thank you.


I've seen that in English; where does one find it en français, s'il vous plait?


On Netflix try "Dix Pour Cent" ("Call My Agent!" in English). It's really entertaining! I watch it in French with French subtitles.


Fernandel, Louis de Funes, and Bourville. Are classics. But the film Jo by Louis de Funes is probably my favourite. You can watch it on youtube.


thanks, I will check it out


ahh okie thank you!!


https://chansonsfle.blogspot.com/?view=mosaic Chansons FLE is a site to discover and listen to frensh songs.


Thank you. that's a very useful website that I haven't come across before.


glad to help you :)


The link below lists the 100 greatest French films, according to Time Out:


Many of them are old, but timeless. Several of my favorites:

The Passion of Joan of Arc; Cléo from 5 to 7; The 400 Blows; Amour; Au Hasard Balthazar; A Trip to the Moon (again -- ancient but timeless); Belle de Jour; La Vie en Rose; The Umbrellas of Cherbourg

Some of my favorites not on the list: Incendies (stunning!); Paris je t'aime

And he's not everyone's cup of tea, but I happen to have a soft spot for Gérard Depardieu, at least in historical costume dramas: Colonel Chabert (awesome in this!); Cyrano de Bergerac; Tous les matins du monde; The Return of Martin Guerre -- again, AWESOME in this!

I also like the French version of Madame Bovary starring Isabelle Huppert. And she's not bad in Elle, from 2016.

And last but certainly not least -- Diva, from 1981

**Edit: I can't believe that list left out 'Au revoir les enfants' (1987)


Hi, you are looking for a good french movie or tv show ? In movies there is Jumanji (I think you know it), and in youtube there is a french serie very good : [email protected]


yess thank you!!


I love the song oui ou non by angele :)


oo ill listen to it thanks :)


If you like police stuff, you have the nice show "Profilage" it's a french one when you have cases and it's about profiling ! :)


cool, ill watch it thank you :)


The main character "Chloé" is a liitle crazy and that makes it realy more interesting and funny !


I recently found the band VIDEOCLUB, here are two of their songs with (French and English lyrics displayed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XZeqK7IMrXU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SASW1URAx5E


I love the songs 'Roi' and 'Mai' by them!


Coeur to clem schen ! A mes cotés to TKN


Hello joy.yim!

I recommend you Miraculous Ladybug in the French version - the scenes are set in France and there is both English and French versions. I'm pretty sure that there is subtitles too. Good Luck!

  • LosinqSeoul


thank you, will do!


Bonjour! I would recommend you try out a subscription to Criterion Channel. I think there is a free 30 day subscription. Although they might be "dated", all of the greats are on that website for streaming. Cocteau, Godard, Renoi, Truffaut... You'll have a great appreciation for French Cinema and we'll be learning the language at the same time.


ahh that's a good idea, thank you!


All the songs of Angèle are really good, she is an amazing singer !


she is good, I like her a lot


"Pomme"; She's a talented young singer-songwriter, try out some of her songs; "Sans toi", "Tous les garçons et les filles" and "les séquoias" are some of the really good ones. I hope you'll enjoy


thank you, I will go and listen to her :)


A modern 'classic' : Christine and the Queens. It's gorgeous and she release her songs in english too. + Rone, Sexy Sushi, Salut c'est cool... (electronic music). TV series/movies : The Bureau, Call my agent, Jusqu'à la garde, OSS 117...


This a a playlist I have started with French music: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/0PVFMvfTW9xzvHbJXBs0NK?si=qrHY-SmoS-KpGWfo63M9iA

Some other songs I would listen to in high school: Quelqu'un m'a dit - Carla Bruni, Elle me dit - MIKA, Tous Les Mêmes - Stromae

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