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  5. I want my vocabulary tab back


I want my vocabulary tab back

I see there are users using the Vocabulary tab. It is a very useful tool for managing our process. (I used to make Anki decks by exporting the list). However my Vocabulary tab is gone. Can I do something to enter the test group? Or better,developers can you speed this up so we can all benefit, please!

July 19, 2014



I agree, this has gone on for far too long. Please release the new vocabulary function or tell us what the delay is.


There isn't any delay they are simply testing it. It seems to take about 2 months to test any single Duolingo feature, the only exception might be when they find that the feature is particularly detrimental or overwhelmingly useful (not sure about this). See Ab-Testing for more details.


Thanks for that information. I think the frustration is coming because the feature has been gone for at least 6 months now. I know they did a full redesign of the website, but they should have left this feature if they weren't ready to incorporate a similar feature into the new website. For those of us who liked and used the vocabulary feature, the absence has had a negative effect on the usefulness of this website and our learning progress.


Apparently according to Duolingo, you are in the minority. Anyway, now that they added the flashcard feature, it might take another 2 more months before it is introduced.


I had a good system down that worked really well for me in terms of adding new words while retaining the old words. I can tell my language skills have not progressed or been maintained as easily compared to when this feature was available. I came to this website when LiveMocha screwed up their website and I'm starting to think it might be time to start looking for another online resource if they're going to keep dragging this out for months on end.

I just wish there was a live person from their end that actually tried to explain the hold-up and assure us that they actually care about our learning progress and restoring this website to what it used to be.


I AGREE! I liked the vocab tab so I could review the words between lessons. It was very useful and helpful. Please bring it back!


Drilling is a good thing, also the word list makes the learning a more conscious process. The chrome extension for drilling does not work anymore, why?


Please bring back the Vocabulary !!! Why the Duolingo guys ignore so many learners plea for so long ?


I wanted to make flashcards and was sad to find the old feature wasn't there anymore! Please bring it back soon!

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