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  5. "a' ghrian mhòr"

"a' ghrian mhòr"

Translation:the big sun

April 11, 2020



The person narrating this ("a' ghrian mhor" is sounding the 'G' without any (to me) discernible softening. Is there somewhere that demonstrates the sounds for lenited consonants?


You can listen to other phrases with lenited ghrian in its vocabulary entry. I think you’re right that in this particular recording the speaker did not lenite the /g/ or lenited it very slightly (which happens in speech, you won’t always clearly hear the difference between all lenited and unlenited sounds), it is much more clearly lenited in other phrases (by the same speaker), eg. in Tha a' ghrian ann.


Thanks for the response - this is completely new to me so a little uncertain :-)


Listened several times - even after answering wrongly - but could not recognize mh, it sounded like gh. Concluded that it is "the goat sun" (a' ghrian ghobhair), a kind of idiom... :)


Where did we see a' as THE before?

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