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  5. "The girls go to you."

"The girls go to you."

Translation:De meisjes gaan naar jou toe.

July 19, 2014



what is the difference between "gaan naar jou toe" and "gaan naar jou"?


It's the difference between towards you and to you. In the first case they just go in 'your' direction, in the second they reach 'you'. But the analysis is different in Dutch. Toe is part of the separable verb toegaan = go towards.



Why don't we use "tegen" in this case?


I think tegen is more likely to be used when there is some kind of reciprocity, or at least if the other side is likely to be active in some way. The typical case is if you are walking towards someone who is also walking in your direction. This doesn't seem to be an idea that is commonly expressed in English. (The dictionary I consulted gave me go to meet, approach, but I think these are far less common in ordinary contexts than tegemoetgaan.)

If this reciprocity is not intended, it's better to use naar.


Why can't I write "De meisjes gaan naar jij", even though "De meisjes gaan naar je" is accepted?


Just like English, Dutch has remnants of the old case system in its personal pronouns. But in Dutch this also affects the second person. For the same reason that you can't say "The girls go to I" instead of "The girls go to me", when translating "The girls go to you" to Dutch you also need the object case of jij in Dutch, which is jou:

  • De meisjes gaan naar jou.

Je is basically just a reduced pronunciation of an arbitrary case of jij, i.e. it can stand for jij, for jou and for jouw. It's as if in English you could replace any of I, me and my by m. (And it's certainly no more weird than the fact that in English both is and has can be replaced by 's.)


Ah, I see! Bedankt!


Congratulations ! Very well explained !


sometimes jouw has a "W" at the end to be correct, and other times not. What is the reason to have a "w" at the end or not??


Possessive pronoun.

  • Jouw hond - Your dog
  • De hond is van jou - The dog is yours
  • De hond gaat naar jou toe - The dog goes to you

Useful table: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/3732923

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