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French - Free TV Series on YouTube (animated) - It helps

When I was learning French, I found these Episodes quite funny and helpful. There about 12 minutes each, and one a day can really help your understanding in French. It's an animated TV show called "Le Petit Nicolas". There are lots of episodes on YouTube that you can watch for free. With the animations, it'll really improve your understanding of a situation in French.

Here's a link to one of many episodes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vxCIeOVU1hs

I hope you find it fun and helpful.

April 11, 2020


[deactivated user]

    Here are some more you may enjoy:



    Here is a long list of cartoons available on Netflix.

    The Magic School Bus is very educational.

    Below is an excellent recommendation by davidzweig2 for all French content on Netflix:

    Below are some recent posts on this subject.


    cool imma check it out


    Woah! I’d forgotten all about Le Petit Nicolas but at school a couple of years ago we watched a film with the same title (I’m guessing it’s the same story/ies). It was actually pretty good. So thanks for sharing the link - I’ll definitely check it out!


    Yeah, it brings back so many memories from elementary school.

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