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Why isn't there any podcasts or stories for the Scottish Gaelic course?

I'm fairly new to Duolingo so i was just wondering why in my French course there are stories and podcasts that i can listen to but not in my Gaelic course. Is there a reason for this?

April 11, 2020



Just a priorities thing, they can't do everything at once. Those features are only available for the most popular courses, none of the smaller languages have them, I'm not sure if there will be plans to add them to others in the future. The Gaelic course is also pretty new, I suspect next on the list will be expanding the main course rather than working on add-ons.


Yep, I believe it's only the in-house courses that have them and not the contributor created courses.


Okay i see, that's too bad... Thank you for the info though :)


If you want things to listen to, quite a lot at all levels is available at


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