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Student work completed prior to joining classroom.

Does the work a student completes in Duolingo prior to joining my classroom count towards my assignments? I notice that some students who joined after I had created the assignment were shown as not having completed it but then when view their Activity Log I see that they have already done it. Will Duolingo make them do it again in order to count as having completed my assignment? Or do I need to individually check their Activity Logs to be sure-

To be clear, the assignment is being marked as missing even though when I go into their activity log I can see they have completed it. Sometimes, more than once.

April 11, 2020

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If a student completed a skill before they joined your classroom, it will show them having already completed it if you assign them that skill. They won't have to do it again to count towards the assignment. They will still receive an email, but it will prompt them to practice the skill instead:

Students who joined after you already created the assignment will need to manually be assigned the skill, whether they completed it before or not. To do this, simply click on the skill, and you will see an 'assign now' link after the student's username ...

... and you may also see a banner at the top that allows you to assign the skill to all new students in one click:

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