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Creating New Classrooms

I teach 5 separate sections of the exact same class, each with 34 students. When I originally signed up for Duolingo for Schools I had all the students join the same classroom but it is now too overwhelming with 170 students. For the sake of easier recording keeping, I would like to separate the students into their actual class. Is there a way to copy the assignments? What happens to the work a student has already completed once I move them to the new class?

April 11, 2020

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This is very simple to do!

Click on "create another classroom." Name it period 1 or whatever you want.

Now go back to the landing page that shows all your classrooms. Click on your big 170-student classroom.

Click on a student that you want to move to period 1 (or whatever you named it).

In the upper right will be a button that says "manage student." When you click on it, it will say, "Remove student / move student / re-set password." Obviously, you want to click on "move student."

It will then let you select your other classes.

It's that easy! Please post other questions as you have them. We are all in this together.

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