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  5. "Ik heb een bord."

"Ik heb een bord."

Translation:I have a plate.

July 19, 2014



This is super confusing for speakers of Scandinavian languages. "Bord" means "table" here.


And of course in English and German, bo[a]rd refers to the floor or a side in a boat or to a flat piece of wood. Apparently this is derived from a Proto-Indoeuropean word for cutting. In fact they are all cut pieces of wood, if you think of wooden plates.


Well in Icelandic "borĂ°" is both a table and a flat piece of wood (especially if it is used to make a boat).


in french, "bord" mean 'contour'


In Dutch, bord can also refer to a board as in license plate (nummerbord) or road sign (verkeersbord)


In the UK we call licence plates number plates. So 'nummerbord' makes sense for me.


For me, bord and brood sounds similar when i dont pay attention in listening :P


Partly, this is because her pronunciation of the R (especially combined with the o), is really bad. She's using the french R (or something that resembles it a bit), instead of the rolling R that most Dutch speakers use. Please ask someone that you know to pronounce it for you!


I'd say that the pronunciation of the "r" varies greatly from region to region. I've heard native speakers who roll their R, and others who use a French/German R when the R is initial in a syllable, and an "English R" when the R is at the end of the word or before a consonant.


Well yes, I agree, there is a huge variety in pronunciation of words and also the R if you would pass all the regions between Groningen and Brussels, but I feel that Duolingo should be teaching General Dutch (Algemeen Nederlands) and I didn't agree on how the previous voice pronounced the word.


I see. Well, I must admit that I cannot remember how she pronounced the R :P

Thnx for the comment!


Is Ik heb here merged together? I'm hearing a stronger K sound leading into heb and not any break between Ik and heb. It sounds like Ikept, is that fair?


Yes, that's possible, since in rapid speech some users tend to drop initial "h" when it's preceded by a consonant (same as in English, actually).


What is exactly bord? Is it a plate/dish? Does it have more than one meaning? Because board or sign are also accepted! So does it mean that it has multiple meaning but in this case it means dish/plate?


Yes. It has multiple meanings, basically all flat and reasonably small surfaces/plates/boards. So it can refer to traffic signs, blackboards, skateboards, a plate for food, ...


I spelled it "bort" by accident and it showed it was right and not a typo?


I'm trying to speak by clicking on the mic & it keeps saying I got it wrong ?

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