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"I can send you this contact's information."

Translation:Je peux t'envoyer les informations de ce contact.

April 11, 2020



l'information not accepted. Hard to know when to use the plural vs the singular!


Is information always plural???


Why is "je peux t'envoyer le renseignement de ce contact" incorrect?


Why not renseignements?


Just marked incorrect for using renseignement.


Why plural, "les informations"?


Didn't accept "le renseignement" nor "les renseignements"?? Is there a reason?


Me too - didn't accept renseignements. Why not ?


I put l'information(singular) and was rejected! I looked up and the singular of information/renseignement are hardly used in sentences except where 'a piece of information' is meant. Based on googling I can maybe understand not accepting the singular... but definitely renseignements should b correct.

EDIT: Further reading seems to point to a difference although the two nouns can be used interchangeably. renseignements == specific information in response to a query!!! information == general facts like on a news programs etc.!!

for instance Je peux vous demander un renseignement.. i can ask you for some renseignement but not some information...strictly speaking.

Help.. we need you SITESURF!


What you have written makes sense but I, too, would like some greater clarity from Sitesurf or another native French speaker.
Merci d'avance


link to what is at least a very complete and well presented explanation. And if you look at signs for registering etc in schools you find enseigner enseignements/renseignements... least here in bilingual Ottawa Canada. Look at the post of aug 30/2012. https://forum.wordreference.com/threads/informations-vs-renseignments.440103/#:~:text=Les%20renseignements%20is%20specific%20information,would%20imply%20a%20direct%20object.

Also here is an official site of the govt. of Canada.. and they take bilingualism really seriously. https://www.btb.termiumplus.gc.ca/tpv2guides/guides/clefsfp/index-eng.html?lang=eng&lettr=indx_catlog_i&page=9kZJJWyafwIY.html#:~:text=On%20%C3%A9crira%20informations%20au%20pluriel,journal%20d'informations

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