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"Twintig eenden zwemmen in het water."

Translation:Twenty ducks swim in the water.

July 19, 2014



why is it swim and not swimming as it is zwemmen and not zwem?


Well first its ducks (plural) so zwemmen. But I think the sentence can be translated either way. Twenty ducks swim in the water. OR Twenty ducks swimming in the water.


It didn't allow twenty ducks swimming in the water. It has to be swim.


The robot lady sounds as if she was brought to life in Tilburg. Not exactly the kind of Dutch accent you'd want to be taught...


What's special about the Tilburg accent?


Compare it to the way you'd be able to recognize from someone's speech that (s)he's from Texas. You wouldn't want a (beginning) student to learn Texan English/American. You'd want him/her to learn to speak the language without any specific regional emphasis. In the UK you'd probably call it the Queen's (or the King's) English. I'm not sure what the equivalent standard for the US would be called. (In Dutch this is Standaardnederlands.)

Most specifically it's the Robot lady's pronunciation of the 'G'. In Dutch it's quite guttural and perhaps even a little harsh sounding. In the southern parts of The Netherlands (as well as in Flemish) this very Dutch sound gets softened.

My remark above was specifically made out of frustration. Though I am fluent in Dutch I was not able to clearly make out what it was that the robot lady was saying. I remember that she was talking about 'dozen' (cartons or boxes) but it sounded a lot like the way someone from Tilburg would pronounce 'douchen' (which means showers or to shower). The way the word 'water' is pronounced is not correct. It's as close to how you should really pronounce it as 'wutter' would be to the English word for 'water'. You'd probably understand what is meant but you wouldn't advise people to pronounce it that way.

While I breezed through the 'English for Dutch speakers' course, I couldn't believe that the other way around was giving me such a hard time. So I'm sorry if I stepped on any toes. I know a lot of people put in a lot of effort to make this course available and to have some of it botched up by a 'not-so-good' text-to-speech synthesizer is not... very nice.

Make Google pronounce this tongue twister to get a better example of the Dutch G-sound: https://translate.google.nl/?hl=nl=0#nl/en/Grote%20Guus%20graaft%20grote%20gaten


google speaks Noord-Hollands!


She sounds like she is French. Listen to her 'r's.


the pronunciation of twintig on google translate sounds much better (thanks for pointing out this function.. never tried it before)

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