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No accent corrections?

Been noticing for awhile now that Duolingo stopped telling me how I missed accents out which is kind of annoying.
I get not marking them wrong but it is bad when I forget accents for new words and it doesn't say anything, which starts to lead to me typing words wrong and cementing the wrong spellings in my mind.
This just furthers any incorrect spellings I make.

April 11, 2020



How about using an auto-spell-correct? I don't type accents, but that device reminds me which words have accents.


Even odder, I’ve had several "pay attention to the accents" in the last few weeks where Duo's suggested right answer has completely bizarre accents: objets electroniqùes, quand j’étais jeùne, une heùre, comment copiè-je ce document (sic)


A lot of people have made posts about it lately. No one seems to like it. The reason is probably that Duolingo is testing out concepts such as this one to see what effect it has on users. Perhaps Duolingo will start pointing out typos and accent mistakes once again if they decide that it doesn't benefit anyone, who knows. Or maybe there are some people that like it and Duolingo will keep doing what it is doing.


Agreed. The problem has been already reported in several posts, some of them from last month. I added my own observations to https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/36546525

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