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"Zit het in de gouden of houten doos?"

Translation:Is it in the gold or wooden box?

July 19, 2014



It should be golden not gold


The usual rule is that ‘gold’ is the material and ‘golden’ is the colour. I don't know if or how these are distinguished in Dutch, but since this section is supposed to be about materials, ‘gold’ should be correct. (That said, this is one of those rules made up mostly just to have a rule and not because people actually follow it. So ‘golden’ should also be correct.)


I find the "correct" translation unnatural. For me it works better as "Is it in the golden or the wooden box." (And if you say "gold", not "golden" in that translation, you get real ambiguity.)


Why "gouden" and "houten" doesn't have "e" added (as any other adjective) , while "doos" is a de-woord.


They are exceptions. See 5. Unchanging adjectives here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/3888221


It's explained in the introduction to this skill now.


'Is it in the gold or wood box?' or 'Is it in the golden or wooden box?' Either seem fine to me but not the mixture. No rules, just the way it 'feels'.


Wrong guess! A poison dart hits you. Lose 4HP.

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