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  5. "I am wearing a cotton skirt."

"I am wearing a cotton skirt."

Translation:Je porte une jupe en coton.

April 12, 2020



"mets" is given in the hints. Why not accept it?


Hi! Native French speaker here.

The verb “mettre” can mean a lot of things. It can mean: to put, to put on, to place, to apply, to wear, etc...

In this case,

  • “Je mets une jupe en coton”

Would mean:

  • I am putting on a cotton skirt

Also, the hints are just hints to put the students on the right track. They are not an alternative answer for the exercise.

I hope this helped...

Bonne journée et bonne étude!


Et moi, je porte un pantalon en cuir! Alors, c'est la belle vie, n'est ce pas Duo?


My answer is completely correct! Why you denied it


Unfortunately the Duolingo staff doesn’t read all the forums...

If you think your answer should have been accepted, I suggest to report it by clicking on the flag icon or on the report button (depending on which one appears on your device).

It’s the easiest way to let them know about things like that...


How nice for him

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