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  5. "He is a kind father."

"He is a kind father."

Translation:Ille est pater benignus.

April 12, 2020



I do not know when to use is/ea or when to use ille/illa.


Can 'Is pater benignus est' also be used?


There's no need for ille in this sentence. Pater benignus est is perfectly adequate, and the fact that so many sentences use unnecessary pronoubs is a real problem


I think it's used here to help us exercise our use of various parts of speech, which is a very good thing.


The question is not whether we need the pronoun but the difference between is and ille. You do not answer the question: -1.


Why benignum is not accepted


Adjectives must agree with the noun they modify in gender, number, and case. pater here is masculine, singular, and nominative. benignus is the masculine singular nominative form. benignum could be masculine accusative singular or neuter nominative/accusative/vocative singular.


Why not 'patrem benignus ille est'?


Patrem is the accusative case and is used with verbs as the direct object. Pater (here nominative) has to be used since we are describing our subject using the verb esse, in other words there is no action being performed on 'father'.


"Father is kind" is not the sentence, so no nominative, but the accusative Patrem should be used for "He is a kind father." Father is clearly the direct object here, accusative.


No, the accusative should absolutely not be used.

The verb esse does not take a direct object, there is no action being done. It takes a predicate nominative which describes the subject.

Ille - 'He' is the subject

pater benignus - 'a kind father' is the predicate nominative.

It's not a different person, thing, etc. est just links them together saying that the predicate nominative is apart of the subject.


Is / est is a linking verb. It expresses that the subject before it, and the noun after it, are the same.

He = father

Making them BOTH nominative in latin.


Why is 'Pater benignus est' not accepted?


that means 'the father is kind'


what the difference between Ille and Is ?

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