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"Los especialistas son doctores."

Translation:The specialists are doctors.

May 5, 2013



Why not 'the doctors are specialists'?


That would be the exact opposite: "Los doctores son especialistas."


It makes better dense in English, though


Yeah, but is the specialists that is being talked about, who, as it turns out, are doctors.


As the other person kind of pointed out, the specialists are doctors would be kind of a strange way of saying this. I actually typed the doctor's are specialists. I don't know where I would ever really say the specialist is a doctor. If I know that he is a specialist, then I would know that he is a doctor; how else could I know that he has a specialty?


Well is there an assumption in the air that this is a Doctor of Medicine we are talking about? I, myself, was thinking it was an automotive specialist who happens to have a doctorate degree in Engineering. Most automotive specialists don't.


A strange way of saying what? We're not given any context so it makes no sense to try and second-guess what the speaker is trying to say in a simple sentence like this. I'm sure someone could invent a context where the sentence would make perfect sense.

Duolingo is not a conversational course, it's a vocabulary and (to some extent) a grammar one, so you should be focusing on those aspects.


Irrelevent a specialist is nothing without doctorate.


They already have that sentence


Why does especialistas not change to -os for male specialists?


Almost all professions that end with the "ista" suffix do not change the ending. They are exceptions to the gender 'rule'. The definite article, however, typically does change gender depending on the gender of the actual person performing the profession. For example, "los especialistas" could be all male specialists, or a group of male and female specialists, but a group of female specialists would be "las especialistas."


It's just one of those words...A lot of professions do not change the ending to reflect a person's sex: policĂ­a, periodista, etc. You just have to remember them. Sorry...


Why is medicos not okay?


Few if any Doctors of Music or Art are medicos. Only Doctors of Medicine would be a medico, and the sentence does not state that the Doctor has studied Medicine. Maybe he studied Astronomy. We don't know, but he might have. All we know for sure is that he has a PhD.

[deactivated user]

    That would be physicians. Doctor is a professional with that academic degree.


    Why is it the specialists are doctors? The doctors are specialists sounds more meaningful


    Why is it 'los' when 'specialists' is a feminine word?


    If you check this link it clearly indicates that las especialistas is commonly used despite what has been said. http://www.linguee.es/espanol-ingles/search?source=autoquery=las+especialistas Edited.. So I guess we can say in this instance they are talking about all male or mixed especialistas and if it were all female specialists we would use las especialistas.


    I'm not sure why it wouldn't be "los especialistas son doctoras."


    "Los" does not agree in gender with "doctoras."


    Two years after this discussion started, I just got marked wrong for writing "Las especialistas son doctores". But it's not wrong if the specialists are women!


    English doesn't always demand the definite article. My anarthrous construction here is a proper translation.


    In Spanish, are MD. doctors and PhD doctors referred to differently?


    But who are the doctors? o.O


    The tranlarion dou gives this is incorrect. If stating facr about someone with doctorate. That distiction is first. A doctor is a specialist. To be a specialist you have to be doctor first.

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