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"They climbed up on the table."

Translation:Elles sont montées sur la table.

April 12, 2020



How would I know that the people who climbed on the table are male or female? Or am I not reading this right?


Technically we don't know it's people. Could be a bunch of cats or bugs, just says "They" did it.

The sex of the noun controls the pronouns. In this case the "table" (feminine) is the noun in this sentence. If the sentence was "Jack climbed on the table and then he climbed down, then jack (masculine) would be the noun controlling the pronoun."


Yet another instance of Duolingo insisting on one gender over another when there's zero context to suggest which is correct. Plus the hints suggest either gender is correct. Please get your act together!


I have massive problems with this one too, and I may be wrong, but my understanding is:

ils (meaning they) and elles (meaning they) are used in the plural to talk about things, as well as about people or animals. Use ils for masculine nouns and elles for feminine nouns.

In this case "the table" is the noun, and thus makes the sentance femanine.


English isn't my native language, but couldn't 'on' be omitted?


Ils ont montés sur la table?


Table is a feminine noun. Ils is masculine.


Why should the table have any bearing on whether the subject is masculine or feminine ?


The table is the subject in this sentence. Table = noun. He/she/They = pronoun.

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