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"My cat spilled my coffee again on my dog!"

Translation:Mon chat a encore renversé mon café sur mon chien !

April 12, 2020



sounds like that cat has had enough coffee for the day.


Or enough of the dog, yeah?


Is it really not possible to put "encore" at the end?


Is there a rule about when the adverb goes after the past participle and when it goes before? I feel like I have to just guess every time.


Me too. I came here hoping someone had answered this question already - or had already answered this question


When you get fixed choices for the words you can choose it is weird to be told you have a spelling mistake.


Pauvre chien


It was an accident... (honest)


The English in this unit is awful.


13 July 2021

got a twofer today. that foolish, fat canine stretched out in the sunny spot behind the table. how could i resist! howling and jumping at me on the refrigerator while my valet shouts about the mess and having no time to make more of that disgusting black water before he has to leave. life is good.

i'll share this with fifi tomorrow!


Is "again" in the right place in the English version of this sentence?? It feels awkward. "My cat has 'again' spilled coffee on my dog. and 'My cat has spilled coffee on my dog 'again'. and 'Again', my cat has spilled coffee on my dog. all feel much less awkward and like better grammar.


I find many of my difficulties arise because I expect the answer to be in English, not the American speak!


Can we use 'autre fois' for 'again?

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