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  5. Is it "marchez" or "marchons"?


Is it "marchez" or "marchons"?

I'm being a little curious here, but when I listened to La Marseillaise, there was a little disagreement:

Version #1 Version #2
Aux armes, citoyens Aux armes, citoyens
Formez vos bataillons Formez vos bataillons
Marchons, marchons Marchez, marchez
... ...

What is the original one? For those who are French, what version do you usually sing? Feel free to tell me your opinion. Have a good day!

April 12, 2020



(Not French) The official lyrics on the website of the Assemblée nationale say it's 'marchons, marchons': http://www2.assemblee-nationale.fr/decouvrir-l-assemblee/histoire/dossier-historique-la-marseillaise/les-paroles-de-la-marseillaise. The confusion may come from that fact that the anthem has undergone several changes and the original manuscript, also shown on that page, does say 'marchez' (not even 'marchez, marchez'):

Some people on the Interwebs say it depends on whether you sing the long version or the short version (long version would be 'marchez, marchez' the first time, and then 'marchons, marchons', whereas the short version would just be 'marchons, marchons'), or whether you're a soldier or a civilian. But that appears to be nonsense.


This is a good explanation, but indeed, we regularly hears "marchez" instead of "marchons" in the army. Here's an example of French army choirs : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SLe6KcssqiM


hello i am a French. It is marchons for the marseillaise.


i'm french, this is marchons, marchons ! Have a good day !

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    La Marseillaise the French national anthem. Listen to it here with subtitles and this rendition is my favorite.


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    marchez is for vous while marcons is for nous


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