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  5. "Feumaidh mi falbh, Alasdair."

"Feumaidh mi falbh, Alasdair."

Translation:I need to go, Alasdair.

April 12, 2020



When most of the questions penalise you for not translating Gaelic names it seems unfair for this one to not accept it if you do translate it.


What did you translate it as? If it doesn't accept your answer, you're better off submitting a report as it's more likely we'll see it that way.


I used the spelling one of my mates has (Alister) but I think that is one of the less common ways of spelling it so it's understandable. I haven't seen the question again so I've not been able to see if other spellings work.


Alexander works; it's English for Alasdair. Handy to know, when doing Scottish genealogy! Much like knowing that Jane and Jean both translate to S├Čne -- which explains why those names get used interchangeably for the same person throughout her life.

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