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Pay 1 year subscription is it worth it?

Hello I’ve just started to learn french on here im on my 6th day streak. Im currently on Basics 2 losing out on lives is frustrating as I have to wait a few hours so I can go back and continue my lessons. Im looking to finish the french tree what level of french would that get me too?

April 12, 2020



Just use the desktop version but type duolingo into the search bar instead of going through google as it will divert you to the app. The web version doesnt do lives


There are no hearts on the web version.

The only meaningful benefit to being a plus member is the knowledge that you are supporting the company and thereby helping others learn languages for free.


Just so you know, you don't need to wait to restore hearts. If you tap the Hearts tab, you can choose 'Practice'. Every lesson practiced restores one heart.


if you use the app it’s worth it


how is it worth it to use the app when you can just use the desktop version


Use pc no hearts easy peasy


This everything depends from your motivation maybe that will be good choice for you in this situation. But i do not know what do you want to achieve in your progress in this language.... This you life and i am sure that you will be go in good direction. Best regards from Poland i remember like i have started learn English here almost 3 years ago and this is not easy road and i must use different places to be more fluent in English because Duolingo is good for start and you have to be sure that here is basic level for me A2 max. Heaven forbid us with this bad disease which is around us............

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