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Je fais de la pression>I have blood pressure. That is very nice, because without blood pressure you are dead. So what should it be: je fais la pression haute/basse? Or is the sentence all right and does it mean: I put on pressure? Francophones, allez-y!

August 7, 2012



It can mean to put political or emotional pressure on someone to carry out your wishes. Without more context there are so many possibilities.


Sure, but then is would be: "Je fais de la basse pression" (I have low blood pressure) or: "Je fais de la haute pression" (I have high blood pressure). From the fragment you have given it looks like: "Je fais de la pression [sur quelqu'un]".


But you get the point about having blood pressure.


So did I, but duolingo had its own mind. Anyway, let us wait and see, what they do with the feedback. Today they were very quick about answering it.


Je fais de l'hypertension ou j'ai trop de pression sanguine ou ma tension est trop haute.

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