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Dessous vs Dessus Pronunciation

So I kept mixing these words up and this site https://www.thoughtco.com/dessus-and-dessous-1368833 was very helpful in clarifying it to me but I struggle to pronounce them. I am pretty sure they are pronounced differently, but I don't want to make a claim as I was wrong before and don't want to give someone the wrong idea. May someone help me please? Perhaps there are words that rhyme with each of them.

April 12, 2020


[deactivated user]

    They are close to duss-you (dessus) and duss-Sue [the name] (dessous).

    But you pucker up your lips as if to sound the "y" in you, and don't move them till you have finished the word, and you don't really sound the "y" - you just need your lips like that.

    And the Sue has just a single "oooo" vowel sound, with no puckering-up.

    Hardly any difference to a non-French ear. :-(


    Wow thank you so much!!!! Merci mille fois!!!!!

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