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Moving Students to New Classrooms

What happens to the assignments that they've already completed in the original class?

Is it possible to copy the assignments or do I need to re-assign everything?

Duolingo is not marking them as having completed the assignment, but when I look at their activity it says that they have. I am so confused!

April 12, 2020

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Hmmm... Good question. I would assume that you will have to re-assign. Don't forget that you can change the date range if you need to (if the assignment has already started). Your students will hopefully get an e-mail saying, "It looks like you already completed the assignment. Would you like to practice again?"

Take a deep breath; this is not the most difficult thing we have to face as educators right now. Worse comes to worst, you will need to look at them all individually for this particular assignment, and your story has cautioned others.

For others reading this -- Before you move your students, try this: Create a classroom, but BEFORE you move your students (or maybe you will have to move one student in first for this to work...)

Create the classroom first

Create the assignment (Maybe move one student in to do this)

THEN move students in.

THEN you will have to click on the assignment, and on the right of each student, click on the button that says "Assign to new student."

And then report here if that worked!

And then also please report if you thought this was more work than merely re-doing the assignment.

I have asked Duo to add "Copy assignment to multiple classes" as a feature to work on.

Keep asking questions! We're all in this together.

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