"Tha seo mòr."

Translation:This is big.

April 12, 2020



The hints show that 'mòr' can be translated to 'great', but is this only 'great' in the sense of great size?

Also, am I correct that the 'tha' is required here because 'mòr' is an adjective? So it is 'Seo noun' but 'Tha seo adjective'?


Not only size, eg. duine mòr might mean a great man as in famous, one who did great things in his life, renown, chivalrous, mighty, etc. But it also can refer to size, great, large.

As for tha seo adj versus seo noun – yes, you’re correct. :)

Seo noun (eg. seo cat this is a cat) is a shorter way of saying is e seo noun (is e seo cat this is a cat) – with the copula which is used to link noun phrases; while tha seo adj is a usage of the bi verb used to describe noun phrases with adjectives and prepositional phrases. See also my comment under "Tha sin dona".

EDIT: I have written much longer and more comprehensive Guide to Gaelic to be, the substantive verb bi, tha & the copula is now. :)


That's very helpful, thank you! :)


How come this cant just be "Seo mor" this is big because "Seo tunnag" is this is a duck, that isnt "Tha seo tunnag"


Gaelic has two distinct to be verbs, you cannot mix and match them. You cannot say seo mòr just as you are right you could not say tha seo tunnag – those would be both incorrect, grammatically nonsensical sentences. You cannot use nouns as the predicates to the verb tha, and you do use tha with adjectives.

I explained it in more depth in, among others:

Also, it is briefly explained in this very discussion already, in one of the posts above.


when do you need to put 'Tha' in the beginning of a sentence?


It’s briefly explained in the comment just above, in this very discussion.

A longer explanation is in the "Tha sin dona" thread.


May this be used for the colloquial "This is big", meaning, for example, "This is a big deal", or "a thing of great importance"?

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