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"Now, pens have become useless."

Translation:Maintenant, les stylos sont devenus inutiles.

April 12, 2020



Why not "des stylos" ?


It would mean "some pensée". Doesn't fit the general statement.


"Plumes"isn't ok?


I don't know about other French-speaking countries but in France, this would be "une plume" :

This would be "un stylo-plume" (ink pen) :

And this would be a standard pen (also called by its brand name : un bic) :


Great post with nice pics! When I studied French in a US high school 50 years ago, one of our lessons was "Donnez-moi la plume de ma tante." I guess the language has changed since then. In fact, I think stylo was already used in France when I was there in 1972. Bics were universal in France but just catching on in America. The first one I remember was in a French movie called "Z". The Bic seemed as nouvelle vague as the film!


What's wrong with, .. sont devenus nuls??

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