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"Il est chauve mais il a une longue barbe."

Translation:He is bald, but he has a long beard.

April 12, 2020



one could say his hair just migrated south


I got told I had a typo because I put "has" not "hes" It told me I should of put "He is bald, but hes a long beard."


"Should of" doesn't mean anything in English. You should have answered it with the answer given.

"He is bald, but he's a long beard" could, in theory mean that he has a long beard, but in real world usage, it means that he is a long beard. You'd want to say "He is bald, but he's got a long beard."


why is it not une barbe longue i.e. the adjective after the noun?


grand, gros, haut, petit, longue are placed before the noun when they relate to some measure.

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